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These videos are fantastic. They are well videoed, well narrated and produced by a very accomplished marquetarian, Peter White.

A Beginners Guide to Window Marquetry Techniques & Tips Geometric Marquetry

It is recommended that you start by
checking out This is a complete tutorial
for the beginner using a marquetry
craft kit to demonstrate techniques and methods required to make a picture from start to finish. It includes some advanced tips and techniques.
 DVD $20,

Using the 'cut through design' to make
an Initial
. How to make an Oval Cartouche. Cutting thin stringers and gluing around a circle.
Applying stringers to a rectangle. Letting into a background by the reverse window method.
DVD $20,

I really enjoyed this video. It is all
about Geometric marquetry or parquetry if you will. It shows how to make a variety of really neat things such as the Greek Key Border, The Louis Cube. How to make
Strips and Stripes, and banding.  
DVD $20,

Marquetry Magic Marquetry Magic Marquetry Magic

Artistic Considerations & Veneer Choice Alan Townsend Presents Added Dimensions in Marquetry

Using images, photos, and illustrations.
Various aspects of composition and how
important they are to the marquetarian.
The second part of this DVD examines
how veneer choice can impact the
appearance of your picture.  and more ...

$30 with booklets $25 without.

This is a must see. It presents an
insiders view and skill.
1.  My job as a Veneer Preparer.
2.  Faces in Marquetry
3.  Rosebowl Gallery

DVD $20,

Two tutorials on how to create greater
depth and realism in your marquetry.
Learn about the important part that
shading veneers can play in bringing life
to your work and gain an understanding
of how crucial the inclusion of shadows,
highlights and reflections can be. 
DVD $30,

Please read Dave Peck's review
Marquetry Magic Marquetry Magic Marquetry Magic

The International Exhibition DVD's Bricks, Walls, Tiles and Pebbles Three Veneer Marquetry  

These DVD's are ready now to order
and back issues are available.
For $20 / issue year, you get:

  • An Introduction
  • Award Winners photos
  • Selected Entries
  • Class 10A photographs
  • Brick walls and suchlike often present
    problems to we marquetarians.
    How do you achieve an accurate
    representation of any form of brick
    wall without it looking artificial?
    Check out this fantastic DVD.
    DVD $20,

    DVD shows the pinnacle of Marquetry
    prowess by a Master Marquetarian,
    Peter White. How to pick veneers and
    create great 3 Veneer Pictures.
    The "Great Wave" shows the beginner
    and intermediate how a professional
    marqueteer attacks a complex job and
    works you through it.
     DVD $20,

    Please read Dave Peck's review
    Marquetry Magic Marquetry Magic Marquetry Magic

    Ken Horner. Basic Marquetry & Beyond DVD's from the Chelmsford Group. The Official Lapel Badge

    Expert Techniques for crafting beautiful images with veneer & inlay.
    Take your Woodworking Skills in a Creative New Direction.
    To purchase this fine book please contact Ken
    Please read Dave Walker's review

    A note from Janet Edwards! They are all on the theme of pictures with explanatory words.  They are not moving pictures. Orders can be directed through  
    Janet Edwards  

    Marquetry Magic

    The Marquetry Society lapel badges are now available at $10.00 ea.
    Note: latest batch has blue background

    UK Web Site for Marquetry Courses and DVD's
    Marquetry Magic
    1. First Steps
    2.  Borders and Stringers
    3. Hanging a picture
    4. Complete picture
    5. Biscuit barrel
    6. Chess board
    7. Sheraton Oval
    8. Louis Cube
    9. Trellis work (Lattice)
    10. Bag Press

    They are for sale at £3.50 each or 3 for £10.00 plus postage
    (I would suggest a further £1 for this – although US sales add $2.00 mailing)

    Please contact Janet above for precise mailing instructions, or contact Ernie here in Arizona.

    I have just finished a Marquetry Art Restoration that I think turned out very well since it was my first attempt.
    I would like others to
    take on this challenge if they are presented with it in the future.

    I have written and article that might help and it also includes the narrative of the restoration process on this piece.

    Please click on this link: RESTORATION

    Past issues of the Marquetarian Magazine
    The Marquetry Society now has DVD's each having 40 editions of the marquetarian magazine. cost $40 / DVD
    Issue numbers, 1-40, 41-81, 82-122, 123-163, 164-204, 205-245.

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    Most modern DVD players in the USA are able to play
    PAL format DVDs. They automatically convert the PAL
    encoding to suit US TV systems (NTSC).
    This is transparent to the user. But older DVDs do not
    have this capability.  So I always format the DVDs I
    produce as NTSC whenever I get an order from the US
    to ensure that anyone over there can play them.
    A PC or Mac that has a DVD drive and appropriate software will also be able to play a DVD whatever the format.
    You can learn more here : https://www.sjbproductions.com/web_pages/tip_video/ntsc_pal.htm   
    Hope this helps - Peter  

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    Marquetry - A Beginner's Guide

    The Document is considered to be the Marquetry standard for learning the pro's and con's of Marquetry.
    It is meant for the beginner and the expert alike. The Beginners Guide .    Enjoy.

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